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Lamination is one of the most commonly seen options that print shops offer when customers print any material or service. Most customers, meanwhile, take "lamination" for granted, while not understanding the benefits, as well as the principles behind.  Lamination refers to the process of producing multi-layered materials. Book covers, brochures, packaging, business cards, and many other printed items are some of the products of the process of lamination. The option of

As you walk into a print shop, you leave your original forms of the documents, specify all the details of your order. Oh, before you forget! You would want to have your print job done on A4 sized paper. You slip out the term “A4” almost unthinkingly because A4 has already been part of your life. Your life revolves around A4, and perhaps, every bit of your world is made of

Most of the customers may find it confusing in going for digital printing and offset printing when they have some print works to be done. Indeed, the two techniques of printing are highly identical (to help you get your print works done!). There are, however, some of the subtle differences in between that may make you think twice as you get your upcoming print works done. In the forthcoming sections, we are going to compare digital