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Lamination is one of the most commonly seen options that print shops offer when customers print any material or service. Most customers, meanwhile, take “lamination” for granted, while not understanding the benefits, as well as the principles behind. 

Lamination refers to the process of producing multi-layered materials. Book covers, brochures, packaging, business cards, and many other printed items are some of the products of the process of lamination. The option of lamination becomes popular because of the advantages it adds to a once-fragile piece of paper – becoming more durable, preservable, and prettier.

Laminating materials provide greater protection. Once a product is laminated, it becomes timeless – the product can be used so many times without having its literature damaged despite its frequent usages. The thickness of lamination can all be adjusted based on the customers’ preference, be it thinner layers, which offers customers a more flappable experience, or thicker layers, which protects the content of the product in a better way. Lamination saves publications from their “natural enemies” – fingerprints, stains, smudges, tearings, wrinkles, marks, scratches, dirt, oil, moistures, liquid, and many others that may contaminate your once-precious publication in no time. Lamination is necessary when one would want to preserve its printed materials for a lasting period.

Lamination offers a “face-lift” to the printed materials themselves. Adding the clear coating on the material enhances the finishing by adding a shiny layer on the surface, which provides a brighter and more contrasting reading experience, making texts more readable and designs to stand out. Lamination becomes a must-have when it comes to business – it grabs attention and, more importantly, exhibits professionalism to your potential customers. These occasions include lending out business cards, marketing tools like brochures, flyers, promotional tools, restaurant menus, educational materials, membership cards, and many other products. As what an old Chinese saying suggests – the object itself holds a high resemblance towards the owner of which. You must be having a lot of thoughts towards a person giving you a crumpled business card in a glamorous business meeting room, don’t you?

Not all types of materials are lamination-friendly. There is no doubt that lamination provides all-rounded protection at a very reasonable price. That said, not all documents should be laminated. Some of the paper materials like thermal paper are not meant for lamination. Think twice in case you want to have your first-ever international travel boarding pass laminated if you ever want to preserve that moment of first travel forever. 

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